Saturday, 21 February 2015

Post #90: We're Moving!

Hey, hey!

Some big news today! This happens to be post #90 on my little internet home, which after months of planning an upgrade to a full-on website, I've decided to make my last post on this address.

You heard me, we're getting a big-girl website at


What whaaaat!

When I say months of planning, it's really been more dreaming and learning and looking around bloglovin' for inspiration. Frame Ambition is coming around the corner of a 4th birthday and after all this time and the growth and support I've been lucky to see since starting the Facebook fan page, I thought it was time for bigger things.

So although I don't think much of resolutions and the year is now 2 months old, this is my constant resolution

Better content, better design (shout-out to Moringa School for that html/css workshop)
and more collaboration. 
That means you!!
If you have any ideas, suggestions, projects you would enjoy doing or seeing on the blog, shout!

Or comment below!

See you soon (at although it's not completely finished the way I want it, you're very welcome to visit ;)