Sunday, 8 February 2015

Film Premiere | "To Catch A Dream"

Hey friends :)
So you may have realised I'm not really an events' blogger but as Thursday night was one of taking chances, I thought I would do that some more and write about this awesome premiere I went to for a fashion film (and then some) by The Nest in conjuction with Chico Leco.
Photo: The Nest

I don't remember how or when, but I got myself onto creative hub The Nest's e-mail newsletter, which meant I woke up to a semi-invitation in my inbox on Thursday to a movie screening that night. I just had to move quick and book a place before they ran out. Made it. Booked it. Was only entitled to one so I said f#ck it, I'll either know a couple of cool people or no-one at all so I can be whoever I want. And out the door I went to Century Cinemax @ the Junction in the evening.

To Catch A Dream is a short film starring supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana, written and directed by Jim Chuchu, realised by a collective of some of the country's most exciting talent in film, fashion and art.

So anyway, I made my discreet entrance into the cinema lobby (read: made a beeline to the free wine, shout-out to The Gastronome Catering ;)) and in I was for the people-watching! Which was a great mix of established fash-pack faces, aspiring film producers/writers/directors, some of my favourite bloggers and general familiar (gorgeous) faces. Lots of fangirling, not as much picture-taking. My bad.

The film centers around Ajuma (played by Ajuma :P) who is dealing with nightmares of a person who isn't with her anymore. She's told by a friend, Sofia (Rahel Equbay) about an old tale of making a dream-catcher which lets you trap your tormentor, wake up in dream land and release them there. So she gives it a go and sure enough steps into a dream sequence where she's led by various guides (in amazing costumes) across some fantastical landscapes to the last guide where she can now leave the nightmare.

Panel discussion after the first screening. excuse the dark cinema photo
There were some fantastic discussions after the screening about the focus on female roles and non-anglophone dialogue, the universal themes of mythology and folklore and a fear of the unknown, and the film's success in transcending the limits of labels like "a fashion film" or "an African film". The team managed to make both those films, and bring everything through in fantasy and sci-fi as well, so great job to them! So good we watched it again after the discussion :P
I did manage to do some schmoozing and picture-taking afterwards though, which was awesome, it was good to meet you all and see some of you after ages :)
Go watch the whole film HERE. You can also catch it at Design Indaba (Cape Town), La Jolla Film Festival and lots of other festivals worldwide during the year. Just bursting with pride at this local production!
Maya with a sick skirt and smile to match!

Exec. Producer Sunny Dolat with my fave dressed lady of the night, whose name I really should have asked...awks

Two of the film's fashion designers. Ami and Namnyak, with Brian Babu
Classic fangirl smile with director Jim (Left) and Denzo