Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mood Board: WOMAN.

Hey hey!

Happy October people. And happy birthday month to me :D (and to all other October babies!)

As much as I'm 6 weeks away from my portfolio exam for final year at architecture school (It's about to go DOWN), there are a few exciting things in store for myself professionally and potentially this blog for the coming months.

Until everything is settled and the ball is rolling though, I won't give away too much.
Suspense is YUMMY! ;P

What I can share with you though is some inspiration for a shoot I'm in the early stages of planning in conjunction with Love's Hangover, a Kenyan-owned store in Indiana, USA. The challenge is to create images of women's strength and relating it to water.
Painting of Yemaya, Yoruba goddess of the ocean

And when the Pinterest fairies take hold of my racing mind, well... enjoy the ride ;)

Miss Cara for John Hardy (fall 2014)

VOGUE India (2012)

Photo: Will Davidson for VOGUE Australia (Julie 2014)

Because I've talked and talked and talked about doing a yoga shoot..hmm ;)

And my mermaid obsession got ignited, obvs
VOGUE Spain (June 2012)

It's going to be awesome.

;) Bisoux,