Sunday, 14 September 2014


Happy Sunday, lovers!

Just a quickie to let you know about some navigational changes on the blog to make it a lot better for all of us ;)

1. I've added a contact page for absolutely any questions, suggestions, event invitations and collab ideas anyone may have and is too shy (or professional) to leave a comment out in public     ;)

And if you know me you know I dream in social media so hit me up on all my pages too.

2. Which brings me to social media links. Links to my personal twitter, instagram and pinterest for you and the blog's Facebook page. Don't be scurrred, stalkers (OF THE BLOG) welcome! :P

3. Some changes in the tabs bar above the posts too, leading you to my Fresh Faces competition (vote for me here: a link to my online portfolio and more!

Happy browsing!