Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gaschette Magazine

Hey y’all!

So you probably don’t know this, but I’m a big fan of discovering exciting and artistic online/digital magazines and one that’s been on my radar for a couple of months now is the Jo’burg-based Gaschette Magazine. It’s name takes its origin from a French word as you may have guessed-  gascheur- apparently meaning a rower and/or a flasher. By this my mind has automatically assumed this to refer to a flasher of genitalia. It is most likely a flasher of light(s) on a boat, though. Same concept.

*NOTE: It was later clarified that the name comes from "gâchette": the trigger. ;) J.

This visual feast launched in Feb of last year and according to the website, is published 8 times annually.
Like manic or alcoholic episodes/memory blackouts, my internet adventures lead me to amazing inspirational blogs and tumblrs but I never recall exactly how I got to them. This one is no different. I just know I must have been drawn to it because everything’s so shiny.
Just look!

^^ First Issue Cover ^^



^^ Latest Issue Cover^^

YUM. And what’s even more yum? They’re having a model search at the moment. I’m not sure I’d qualify as a ‘Face of Joburg’ (lol not a chance) but hey. Couldn’t hurt. I entered the search yesterday and if you’re a model somewhere in SA, follow this link and you can too.

What’s more, they take written and photo submissions so heads up for all you writers, photogs, make-up artists and stylists, info right here. Call me if you need a model, too! ;)

Stay tuned for more of my fave digital magazines, honeys!