Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sticky Situations

Hey all!

I've been reading an a lot of online articles with all the spare time on my hands in these last days of my uni holiday. One of my fave sites to go on is Jezebel, a hilarious feminist's dream where people discuss celebrity and entertainment, fashion, sex and general life for 21st century women. While I was trolling the different posts I came across one titled 'Great Comebacks to Sexist Comments' which is basically a collection of very helpful replies and shut-downs to rude comments from misogynistic men.

Below are some personal favourites from the Everyday Sexism twitter stream who asked for examples :D

@EverydaySexism A man once pointed out loudly that I have huge boobs. I looked down at them and screamed like I'd never noticed them before
@EverydaySexism A friend heard a guy shout 'Sit on my face!' at a girl who replied 'Why, is your nose bigger than your dick?' AMAZING!

@EverydaySexism when I get harassed I always pretend I didn't hear & say "what?" The more they have to repeat the sillier they sound.
Click here to read the whole post and the hundreds of amazing comments with even more brilliance

All this got me thinking; the same approach can be taken when it comes to working as a model, whether male or female and especially if you work freelance and not through an agency. If, fellow mannequins, like me a lot of work and opportunities come to you through websites like Model Mayhem and just networking and exchanging contacts with people you don't know well, things (and people) can get inappropriate very quickly.

See my last post for one such scenario.

Ladies and gents, I give you top 5 moments to hand it to a pervert photographer/ other industry person:

5. "Mmmm"/"Daaaamn"/"Baaaby"/ similar over-familiar comment while shooting
4. Hand on photog's own boob/crotch area
3. Hand on your boob/crotch area
2. Outright request(s) for sex/ a sexual act
1. You have somehow found yourself booked for a shoot with Terry Richardson ;P (lol JK. Kind of)

On a serious note though, it's important to keep your dignity and safety intact- check references before you agree to work with somebody and if things get to this point on a set/ at an event stand up for yourself! It's never that serious ;)

#ThatIsAll #WisdomFrom20YearOlds haha

Have a great evening/day, honeys!