Sunday, 22 December 2013

Holiday Obsessions

Hey all!

It's been an exciting few weeks home in Nairobi as I'm sure everyone here can feel, I hope it's been the same wherever you all are!
Copious amounts of free time + unlimited wi-fi + being with friends again =

1. Festiv-ising the house


2. The Nairobi art scene

3. Designing a new Z-card to send to casting people/designers

4. These assorted treasures

'This was the ultimate hairstyle of men from the great tribes of present day Rwanda and Burundi, before the Europeans came.'- Lamu Tamu
Great blog-

T-shirt printing and logos like this- (

New Kenyan fashion mag Couture Africa- really well done!
What have you all been interested in? Comment below ;)
Have a great Sunday, all.