Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hey all :)

It's been a hellish week for my country and I in light of the Westgate mall siege which started a week ago, lasted days and saw over 60 innocent people die at the hands of 18 gunmen. Given how disgusted, anxious and useless I felt at the news and being so far away from home, as I'm sure lots of other Kenyans around the world did too, I didn't think it appropriate to post anything about myself on here.

Thought of it as my minute (week) of silence.

But on we're going, picking each other up and giving the finger to those that tried to shake our unity and prosperity as one people. I'm more proud and excited than ever to go home in less than 2 months now and be with everyone.

Tuko pamoja guys! (Photo copyright Riz Mehar -

In the midst of all this though, I received a little treat in my dropbox: photos from a shoot I did on the roof of my building about 5 months ago. The photog, Brian, was visiting from Cape Town and contacted me through Model Mayhem to do a TFCD shoot with him.

I dig that swinging earring though :P

Siphiwo trying to sort me out.. :)

It was a nice chilled afternoon sesh but I have to say that getting very few hours of sleep (archi student realities) and not paying too much attention to my hair and make-up showed on the pictures and there are a few that I deleted straight away. Amazing how a messy-looking mane (not in the sexy way) and tired eyes can mess up even the best pose, picture composition and lighting.

Not my proudest moment.

Even though it was a casual thing and not a job, I've definitely learned my lesson. Rest, water, clean neat hair and nails. Simple :)

Til next time honeys, I've got a model to build ;)