Wednesday, 11 September 2013

In 3, 2, 1!

Hello lovers :)

I hope everyone's having a nice chilled mid-week like myself, (even though I really shouldn't be, can you say electrical fittings test in 26 hours!?). But hey. Repeat after me: too blessed to be stressed!

One blessing has come in the form of a fashion show and model competition for the NMMU applied design students, coming up in 3 days! Yup, Friday the 13th will be one for the books :D
Final fittings are done and it's on to choreography, dress rehearsal and then the show Friday night where some models will go through to the final competition which ends in another show in November. I don't even need to say to you I've got my eye on the prize, do I ;)

If you're in Port Elizabeth and have a night to spare, come around! 6:30pm at NMMU North Campus Goldfields Auditorium, entrance R50.

Something else I'm so excited and thankful for is also closing in on me- bright and early on Friday morning I'll be making strides that I'll need to post a 2 or 3-volume to fully express!

You know the drill :) Follow on Bloglovin', Twitter or Google+ to decode what I'm going on about!

I have to say this has already been a hectic exciting week filled with new friends, amazing encounters with strangers who have encouraged me beyond belief and a new-found appreciation for morning walks with music in my year. Very random but take some time out to relax and smile, heaven knows I needed it!