Saturday, 31 August 2013

WIC Clothing Launch @ Boardwalk Lighthouses, PE

Hellooo chickens :D

I've got a minute to sit down for the first time in weeks and I can finally tell you about my first PE fashion show :-P

Well it happened, and what a night guys! I don't want to go on and on, just check out the photos...Wardrobe by WIC clothing, hair and make-up by Bella Diva Beauty, entertainment from Amica and we have a winner ;)

Models taking our final bow beside the runway. Yup, that was the runway at waist-height!

Models Noma and Xolile backstage

The wonderful ladies of Bella Diva Beauty working their magic 

Model Janine being a babe

Who dat? Just check out my Nefertiti crown guys ;D I'm still in love with it

 Aaaand, I made my television debut! Yup, your girl was on Bay TV a week later (for like 5 seconds and filmed at the most unflattering angle) but oh yeeeeah! We're moving on up ;) lol

On another note, rehearsals start for the Free Creative fashion show this coming week :) So excitinggg!