Monday, 15 July 2013

Well Hello There, 5000!


My blog's gotten over 5000 page views at some point during the weekend! Yay us!
Obviously I say us because this blog (and I) are nothing without all of you who drop in by accident and/or as a result of procrastination. So thank you and keep telling a friend! :')

RIGHT. Cliches over and done with, here's some stuff I've been thinking of.

(Only thinking?) Yup. Because this month at home has been one of using my family and trips around the country as excuses to chill and not even get one photoshoot in. Slacked a little there, but I'm back to South Africa in 3 days and it's back to business. Swear down.


Nairobi auditions for this one already went down mere hours ago. Alas, I was miles away sniffing eucalyptus leaves at my granny's farm. Deja vu anyone??

Picture: Oh!41 Creative Hub
I know how to block-print. I know how to buy t-shirts and fabric inks. I know how to make money! More soon ;)

Picture: Elle Magazine SA

HMMM... ;)

Picture: Figgy and Sprout

It's time for a cleanse of some sort, definitely!

Well, this was really just a thank-you and goodnight post which escalated a bit but hey :)
Thanks again.

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Peace and so much love :D