Thursday, 4 July 2013

Water and Magazines

Hello all!

I trust everyone is having a legit week! I've just been to the coast (Shanzu, to be specific) and back far too soon but oh well, got in some snorkelling, villa-envying and mahamri-munching. All is not lost ;)


Me and mother being babes ;D

Afternoon tea at the stunning Vipingo Ridge Golf Club & Resort. Luxury like you wouldn't believe! 

"If we sell this camera and some clothes, that villa's almost ours"

OK I can't lie I was a little scared to be out in the open ocean swimming with and feeding the little fishies. But my partners in crime and I did it! Snorkelling off the bucket list :D

Can't be without my poolside paper ;)

Which brings me to another topic. I've entered the Cosmopolitan SA Make Me A Model competition and I've gotta say, there are far more (very impressive) entries than last year! Still, after my (almost) experience with it at the end of last year I'm no less determined to get a chance to be on those pages!

So when you have a minute...go vote for my profile on their Facebook page here? Please? :) (Search: Julie. Just go now. Kthanksbye) ;P