Monday, 17 June 2013

Post #50!! (This Time Last Year...)

Hey hey!

Yup, it's my 50th. Thanks for still reading (if anybody does read my nonsense....*crickets*) :P

I've recently shared links to this blog on my Facebook in an attempt to move away from this Hannah Montana double-life fetish I seem to help a sister out and tell your friends about me too? Please?

Like I mentioned in my last post and my instagram and my twitter and my foursquare and my Facebook, I'm back home!! Which always means fun with friends and with fashion this shoot I did last year with Closet49 , Olav Mburu and Karue Wachira at the Nairobi National Park; I just stumbled on this video the other day from Olav's Youtube Channel ^.^


Ohhh yeah ;)

Have a phenomenal week lovers! I know I will.