Thursday, 27 June 2013

Metamorphosis/ All The Latest

Hey hey!
A nice short one tonight :)

In the span of 3 days I've gone from rocking short curly black hair to a red afro to good ol' braids for the first time in 4 years!! (Best believe I went to bed at 1am after getting them done because that's how much I dreaded the pain).

Same person? Yip :P

Also, one of the shots from the beach test shoot from the agency's page.
Still aiming for a 6-pack though ;)


This photo makes me kinda miss my hair in it's wash-and-go-ness as boring as it was getting :P

Alas, an afro and the beaches of Kenya (where I'll be in 48 hours, whatuuup), shall not mix, so I'm selling out a little for now with the braids :)

Have a great end of the week darlings :)