Sunday, 19 May 2013

Rootin' Tootin' Test Shootin'

Ahoy chickens!
Just unpacked my beach bag after a young test shoot at Happy Valley/ Six Pillars beach this morning- as per usual, getting sand everywhere in the process!

For my novice model readers (and whoever else doesn't know..) a test shoot is a sort of practice photo shoot. A client (boutique, designer, stylist, makeup artist, etc.) needs to see you, the model, in as natural a state as possible ie. not much makeup or done up hair and decide whether or not you're right for their project/collection and if they've already chosen you, to see how much and what kind of make-up and hair they'll need to organize for the actual shoot.

Myself and some others from the agency could potentially be shooting swimwear for a local boutique and so we had a test shoot today with the lovely Carla behind the lense, no make-up, no fuss :)

Check it out!

Megan, Keagan, Siphiwo and I being babes ;) 

 After hauling my trusty canvas tote home later, I suddenly realised how I always manage to over-pack and over-prepare for my shoots! As this was just an hour-long test shoot, all I really needed was a bikini or two and the clothes on my back. But oh no, this is me we're talking about!

What was in my bag today:

Aaand how much of that I actually used for the shoot:

Ah, well. My mumsy always says you can never have enough extra ;)

Later darlings!