Friday, 29 March 2013


Hey hey hey!

Happy Easter lovers!
Quite the miserable constant drizzle here in PE so after a great start to the day (3km in 20 minutes, whatuuup) I got home, showered, and back into bed it was.

So now, in bed and on cup number 4 of tea, I present yours truly for Love The Girl, shot by Astrid Bradley (taken from her Facebook Page), make-up by Cherie' Squier.

So far my fave on the right over here :)

This is just a taste of the stunning pictures and clothes from the day...
Plus, like Astrid said, it's crazy how impossible it is from the beach shots to tell what kind of war we had with the elements that day =D

I'm generally happy with the outcome but still feel like I need to work on my facial expressions a little more. Gotta keep pushing! =)

That's all for now,
I'm off to paint a watercolour because I can.