Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Love The Girl Shoot


Apologies for not posting in over a month, etc etc. But yes between getting back to uni, an emergency 2-week house hunt, being an orientation buddy to first years at school and starting 2nd year architecture, not a lot of modelling has gone on, sadly.

UNTIL Sunday that is! Myself and two other new girls from the agency were picked to do a shoot for a local PE boutique and online store called Love The Girl on the beach. Well it started on the beach but the elements disagreed so we ended up at the pool area of the Summerstrand Hotel. Not too shabby, still!

Here are some shots from the day featuring the fantastic Cherie on make-up, our ledge photographer Astrid Bradley (check out her work) , myself, Megan and Bianca modelling and Siphiwo, our art director/stylist :D

More soon!

The Dressing Room :P

A little on-location pose practice ;)

Cherie sorting me out...

...and on Megan