Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Just Sunshine

Happy new year everyone!

I sit writing this while waiting for an episode of Scandal to buffer. (You should all get on that, btw.)

The year definitely started on a high with my family and good friends in Diani for some sun-soaking and beach-raving with 6:AM- gotta love the Diani NYE experience.

Quite the reunion and some famous faces here and there- Ajuma Nasenyana at Nakumatt, Miss Kenya USA on the beach and...wait for it... Christa B. Allen who plays Charlotte Grayson in Revenge! At the same party as me, in Diani, Kenya. True story.
It's been a season to remember and I wish all of you luck, love and light as you head on back to life, etc. I still have 3 weeks to get in some DIY projects, catch up on my series' (as you can see) and soak up the magic that is my family and life in Kenya :)

As far as modelling and fashion goes, all I can tell you (and all that I know, really) is that I'm keeping fit and eating lean for swimwear shoots with the agency when I get back, and otherwise living on faith and good vibrations that this year will bring fun, adventure and happiness =)

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