Sunday, 2 December 2012

That's My Perogative

Hello Lovers :)

Can't believe how much it's pissing down on Nairobi today but I've had a nice day lunching with the family and watching movies in bed :)
As well as leafing through some editorials in my fave magazines. Standard.

A couple of these magazines, incidentally, are dying to give young unknown models like myself (and maybe some of you) a push into realising our dreams. I've found that it never hurts to let people know that you exist. Once you have some photos of yourself that you're proud of- not necessarily professional ones- send them out.

Send them to magazine art directors and casting people, modelling agencies, stylists and designers themselves. If you let them know what you have to offer and what you're interested in doing for/with them, you've put yourself on their radar. Like Britney Spears once said (sang); "See nothing wrong, spread myself around". You've nothing to lose.
Especially when it comes to competitions and open calls for models. So I've put together a little collage of some of my recent efforts to reach out via e-mail :)

I'm living proof that this is worth a shot. A while back I sent a random e-mail and some photos to a Nairobi-based designer letting her know I was a fan and a freelance model ready for some work. 
Lo and behold, she wrote back asking me to drop by her boutique as she might have a small job for me. Sadly I didn't hear back from her afterwards- I blame that stupid, unflattering chunky sweater I had on when I went to meet her. Darn.

More recently though, I sent an e-mail to Cosmopolitan SA for a new feature called Make Me a Model/ Stylist. And what do you know, 2 weeks ago I got a phonecall from them saying they were impressed and could I be in Cape Town the next week for a photoshoot. As much as it made my head spin I had to decline for this time because I was in the middle of exams and it's mad expensive to get to and stay in CT. It was a broke week for me. Broke my heart, but they have my info on file for another time.

So you see darlings, it's all about patience and taking chances. Hopefully that's made somebody think and/or get off their ass and do something about their dreams :)

PS. Best believe I was jamming to Brit-Brit while writing this ;P