Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes...

Well hello, chickens!
Everybody remember me? After a few last intense weeks of 1st year architecture I barely remember me to be honest!

I hope everyone's been well since the month or so I last posted and looking forward to the holidays! I'm finally on my break so I have time to blog and learn to drive and prepare myself for bikini season =)

So it turns out the 10th of September marked a year since I started this blog and while I'm not the biggest anniversary fusser (obvs), that's pretty huge, no? Looking back on how much I've grown in my modelling and general life experience, I thought it was time for a reflection post and an all-new re-branded blog.
So I've changed the entire name of the blog from Amateur Supermodel Rants to Frame Ambition and designed a new page for it too. Ta-da!

Now here's a look at my year taking modelling seriously- I've changed and learned massive lessons and hope someone out there realises that with the right guidance and determination, so can you! Here goes and no laughing!

September 2011: Elite Model Look Nairobi Castings

The subject of my first ever post, this was one of the first big chance I took in my quest to become a high fashion model. I got through the first screening stage but then was probably too short...ah well. Test shots from the casting day:

Photos Credits: Elite Model Management

December 2011: Closet 49 Stock Photos

My homeslices over at Closet49 are regulars on my blog and in my fashion life- always there for me with a fun plan for a shoot or a sale on stunning clothes and shoes.

Photo Credits: Closet49

And My First Ever Interview: with Sitawa Wafula for her Runway 254 blog- the event that kept me busy immediately after I finished high school. It was amazing seeing a profile/interview of myself up there for all to see- I blogged about it in this post.

April 2012: Signed with Sleek Model Management, PE

After a couple of months at uni in Port Elizabeth, I found an agency I was comfortable with and we got right down to business! A studio shoot to get our headshots done by Miss Sasha H (ledge) and one of my favourite photos of myself was born.

May 2012: First Underwear/ Bikini Shoots

July 2012: Fashion in the Wild with C49 & KWS

What a day!

Photo Credits: Closet49/Qarue

August 2012: A Little Glamour..

September 2012: Topless?! Eeek!

The last photo shoot I did- I haven't shared this much but it's something I'm really proud and happy with; I feel like it's a show of the growth I've had in the last year :)

And so far, that's been my highlights of the past year. It's almost as if this blog and people reading it have directly affected my dreams slowly coming true to be a high fashion model. I feel optimistic and it really does have a lot to do with you reading, even if it's just checking up now and then :)

High hopes for the new year, I hope you've got some too :) I have a secret to tell you too, it involves a phonecall and a cocktail magazine.. ;) Next time, lovers.

Love and light,

*Photos copyright Sasha H Photography and Sleek Model Management unless stated otherwise