Monday, 27 August 2012

No Excuses

Greetings lovers!
Always a pleasure to be writing again after a long time but sadly I have to say, the fashion and modeling scene in PE, as always, has been as quiet as I have since I got back a month ago. But, as the title of this post says, I will give no excuses.
There is no excuse for not taking the best out of what you have been given. Otherwise, if and when you get something better, you will fall short and have nobody but you to blame for letting yourself lose steam . So I’m back with a vengeance. A competition to be the face of a great brand I’ve always loved, castings for a couple of shows mixing up unknown and established designers and an in-house monthly competition at my agency. I’m rearing to go. Let’s do this b*tch.

Short and sweet for today but I’ll let you know how it all goes, of course ;) Hope this speaks to somebody in another small pond somewhere in one way or another. Big things are in store for all of you.
Just a quick moment of midnight inspiration there, I’m off to try on a bunch of outfits now because I’m on a motivational speaker high :P

Photo: The entries are flooding in! Make sure you are in the running to be the 2012 POLICE Face of Africa - UPLOAD a photo of yourself TODAY. 1 Male and 1 Female will each WIN a year’s supply of POLICE Sunglasses, R2000 in CASH as well as a glamorous POLICE photo shoot. The Top 10 Finalists will also receive a pair of POLICE Sunglasses each. Competition closes 2 September 2012. Ts&Cs apply. Open to South African residents only. To enter, click here