Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Hello all!

I hope you're all enjoying your week so far, whether on holiday or not =)

I am, but the past week hasn't been without its' ups and downs. The major thing being that I had quite a good chance to walk in an actual paying fashion show, the one I mentioned I was hoping for here....and right when I was about to put on my game face for the first rehearsal....in came my family with plans to visit my gran in shagz this weekend and a trip to Samburu for my last weekend before I go back to school ie. the weekend of the show. GUTTED.
Honestly it's something I worked hard for and was excited to be given a chance to be a part of.
BUT I knew immediately that at the end of the day family does come first and it took me a while but I had to let that one go. Time to take a deep breath and trust that there will be more, bigger, better opportunities.

OK that's done.
Now on to some good stuff. Like, this weekend was pretty good otherwise!
I skipped over to Sitawa 'Mama Africa' Wafula's poetry event; 'Sitawa Ignited' which was definitely an eye-opening, fun start to my Saturday night. Free wine, heart-wrenching screening of a documentary, poetry, open-mic, good music and we have a winner =D The next edition is on the day after I go back to SA though. Hear my soul weep a little...

Poetry by Fuse..

And 'A Litlle More' from the lady herself

Musical interlude from Lonesome Bounty

And a show-stealing Ziki backed by Love Music

Then came the FAFA Insight afterparty @ The Vineyard in Westlands, quite the celeb-studded event but I was much too scared of looking too excited to pull out my camera and start snapping away. Which is just as well because my camera died right as I remembered I even had it. This is all that survived:

Can you see designer John Kaveke's head!?? lol
Generally a great night full of interesting encounters with great characters. Miss Kenya USA, a pretty man in a pink dress, a charming Frenchman whose profession is holiday-ing , a hot dreadlocked DJ whose name I just can't remember...starts with a Z...(it's really getting to me..).
I DID manage to get a photo taken of my outfit though :)

How's THAT for Afro Glam?! Cheers to Nick Klaus for the photo and the fantastical ladies at Honestly WTF for the inspiration behind the shirt ruffle :)

ALSO check out my first attempt at a half-moon manicure! It's the little things that make us smile, no? :)

Right, that's all for now babes :D