Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kazi Kama Kawaida

Hello all!

How is everyone this fine weekend? Hopefully you're all great and looking as fantastic as the orange jeans I got from my friends at Closet49 today ;D

Oh yes, I'm back in the 254 (Nairobi, to be exact) and naturally ran to my discount shopping spots after having barely unpacked...! Oh how I've missed buying secondhand clothing! (teehee)
But anyway, business as usual, I'm on my fashion gig-seeking grind as I've always been for the past year or so. At the moment I'm feeling pretty confident that my added experience and the fact that I'm affiliated with an agency now will help my chances and bring me even more luck than I've had in my hometown.

First target: The annual Trendz Kenya Fashion Festival
Totally got rejected for this last year but I'm back on this horse with a vengeance! Boom!

Wish me luck chickens!
I'm off to dye my hair copper red now ^_^
 (btw the title of this post means 'business/work as ususal' for my non-Swahili-speaking readers ;) *international love*)