Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Homework ;P

Good day all!

I hope you’re enjoying your day so far and sorry (once again) for my sporadic blog posting habits, etc. If you’re not used to this by now you’re really not a true fan =P

Anyway, today I’m going to share with you my homework. Yes my friends, I sneak off to modeling school a few times a month and get assigned homework. So this is it. In order to define my own identity as a model I need to decide on a specific style/look that will be my signature as early on as possible.
So I started with looking at different models that I admire and what about their careers I’d like to emulate. To do this right though, you have to know that there’s a difference between finding inspiration from studying someone and copying them.

    1.       Aggy Deyn.

I adore this Lancashire girl’s quirky style and fun attitude towards her work. Her short blonde locks and slightly tomboy-ish vibe are what have become her signature and it works for her brilliantly. A little bold rock and roll glamour mixed with some girly fun. And she loves the Queen too. Sister.


              2.   Naima Mora


      This winner of ANTM Cycle 4 was my fave all season long. Her short mohawk made her stand out immediately from the other girls and I've got maad respect for her always keeping quite calm and being polite to everyone on the show. She's like a sweet little pixie from a Tim Burton film.

    3. Coco Rocha


     This Canadian beauty is such a badass! She has been hailed as a queen in front of the camera and I've already learned a lot by paying attention to her varying poses. She's also an outspoken advocate for the rights and protection of other models and just weeks ago blasted Elle Brazil for editing her cover photo so much that it suggested way more skin was on show than there really was. She's also spoken out about eating disorders in the industry and once being told that 'anorexic' was the look when she first started out.  Fiesty lady that won't compromise on her values. Win.

     I've just done 3 of the more famous and successful models that I admire for now. I browsed through waaay more and in the process got to thinking how come almost all African models that get work internationally seem to have the same short hair? I cut mine about 2 years ago because it was quite weak and damaged but lately I've been considering growing it back and doing something cool with it. There;s just more options, isn't there? This is not to say that I don't admire Alek Wek and Ajuma Nasenyana for flying the Sudanese and Kenyan flags high though. Just a thought out loud.

I forgot to mention that this last weekend I had my first bikini shoot on location at the Paxton hotel here in PE as well as underwear and smart casual clothing. Putting it in a sentence, one of the most important things one can do before starting serious work as a model is to find a balance between having your own look and signature and being versatile in what you can do for a client. Hopefully that’s given my fellow amateurs some food for thought today ;)