Friday, 27 April 2012

Ready For My Close Up

Good day, darlings!

Once again, I apologise for my spastic lack of posting because if you could see how often I come on to my blogger page and just stare at stuff, you'd probably want to fill my bed with sand. Sorry about that.

But anyway, today I'm going to talk to you about appropriate practices in the run-up to a photoshoot (for the model). I (probably) have my second shoot with Sleek tomorrow and these are the steps I've taken in the last week to ensure maximal camera swag. (MYDAYS I hate that word. Put it in there tough cz that phrase is amusing in my mind. Just for a laugh)

Step 1: Drown your insides. Drink water- the proper stuff, none of that flavoured, vitamin-y enriched nonsense- and lots of it! I'm sure I don't need to tell anybody the benefits of this; physical, mental, emotional, complexional, etc. I'm drinking that sh*t UP today because I perhaps should not have gone out 2 nights before a shoot.
Which brings us to...

Step 2: NO ALCOHOL within....25 hours of the beginning of your shoot. Guesstimation. But whether you lie to yourself about being immune to hangovers or not, you'll feel the consequences of this bad life choice on set and afterwards. Chances are everyone will see it as well, including the make-up artist who I've discovered are occasionally judgemental of their model canvasses. You know how the camera adds 10lbs on? It magnifies your pores and eyebags x10 as well. True say.

Step 3: Keep the experiments to the scientists and hands by your sides. DO NOT experiment with new skin care regimes, make-up, hair colours, etc within say....10 days of your shoot. Better guestimation. Because that's the amount of time your skin needs to recover from a facial too. No pimple-squeezing and no first-time waxing, plucking or shaving hair.

Step 4: Lay off foods that induce blowfish reactions. Salt= water retention (skin puffiness). Chocolate, sugar, saturated fats, animal fats, animal skins= skin breakouts (more often than not. Either way that shit isn't healthy, yo). Try and stick to fruits and veg in their natural state (like you'll do with water) and just general home-cooked-type food. Probably best to carry this on for life. Just putting it out there.

And one I've imposed on myself for this shoot: no bread. I did this for 2 main reasons:

  1. I've been quite broke and realised that bread is often on my priority list-within-the-groceries-list.
  2. I also realised that uni has made me lie to myself that lots of brown bread is healthy because of all the wholesome goodies you can put on it like tuna and garlic. (Lies. More or less)

I hope you've enjoyed my crash tutorial and will put it into practice for as long as you have a face.