Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Luck O' The Irish...


My last post on here was over a month ago and I'm ashamed of myself. If I show you awesome photos from St. Paddy's Day night in Grahamstown will you forgive me.....? :D

For all the Karen, Nairobi ravers ;)

OK...I can't even lie and tell you I remember who this is....:P

Right, so it went DOWNNN in G-town on Saturday after quite an adventure travelling an hour outside Port Elizabeth by taxi (look up what that really is in South Africa and you'll understand...Never again...#Shiver). But we got there alive and then hitch-hiked back (in an Audi of course, cz I'll settle for nothing less) which is totally a normal, safe thing around here! Plan :)

NOW. On to big things like I'm about to sign on to a modelling agency!!!!! Yes,  finally taken that step and I have my first portfolio shoot on Saturday which is where I'll sign a contract and then proceed to actually tell you the name of the agency :P Keeping things interesting here ;) lol

And some more of that Irish luck (I'm not Irish as you can probably tell but I celebrated St. Paddy's with them so maybe I got luck from that....?) :D I've just gone on to the fantastical Saturday Girl's blog and found that I won in her R100 voucher giveaway for Zando online shopping! How cool!!? I love winning, don't you???

Ok I'm going to stop gloating now. It's so nice to be able to sit down and write to you after alllllll this time and I'll be better about posting this month I promise!!
Enjoy your Human's Rights Day, Lovelies!!!