Friday, 30 March 2012

Blog-Whoring Misadventures on the Internet Machine ^_^

Hello chickens!
Hopefully you’re all great and already enjoying your weekend (or the thought of its close proximity) like I am! Well I’m technically bunking off class, but I just had a killer test so it balances out. Don’t look at me like that.

Anyhuu, today I’ve decided to write a post about my adventures surfing the nooks and crannies of the world wide web when I’m searching for inspiration, generally procrastinating or have found some awesome free wi0fi somewhere. Here we go!

1. Honestly WTF


This blog, by fashion industry buffs Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny is a collection of art, fashion and general cool shit by creative minds all over the world. I especially love their DIY section and will definitely be making some jewellery now I’ve discovered an amazing hardware store nearby! BOOM. Get lost in the beautiful images on their blog here:

2. Le Blog de Betty


Behold the one and only Parisian mademoiselle who inspired me to stop mucking around and take blogging seriously: Betty Autier. I’ve had a couple of blogs, one poetry one, one lame emo-teenager-type journal, one lame emo-teenager-type journal in French and finally this, my most successful one to date…mostly because I would very much like to get free stuff and invites to private fashion shows like Miss Autier.
I found her blog while searching for ones in French so I could practice my reading and have never looked back since! Check out her beautiful, quirky style and tendency to make you smile with how much she’s just enjoying life J Plus how adorable is she, dude? (Minor lesbo deviation. I’m back now.)

3. Travel Write Draw


This art/fashion/travel blog is by illustrator Megan Morrison and I CANNOT get enough of her mad-tastic watercolour pieces. Some more inspiration to get me practising my painting and general creative fooling around.


Well, they way I see it, if you give me a R100 shoppping voucher in the first month that I start reading your blog, you’re a friend! :D Cape Town stylist Natalie Leicher is the female behind this artsy blog and also has breath-taking images and fun little ideas and challenges to inspire the creatively inclined.

5. Girl in the City Bus


Bringing it home now! This girly, just a newbie on the blogging scene like me, makes me smile with her little amusing stories and random spastic thoughts in her adventures around the city. Wacherah Njagi, a Nairobi girl like myself is one to be watched!

6. Girls of the Round Table
And finally. The very girls who inspired this post: Redheaded Butterfly, My Vintage Vanity and Scarlet Touches Heaven. After just one post, I’m hooked! I absolutely adore the characters they’ve presented themselves as, an anonymity tactic that I personally failed at, epically. More girls repping Nairobi city, this blog is about absolutely everything and anything under the yellow sun, in their own words, and I’m loving the humour so far!!

Right, there’s a lot lot loooot more than that but it’s all I could feed you today :P
Have a beautiful weekend, lovers!