Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Beginnings and All That


I’m bacccck on the online after a very busy time moving to South Africa, registering at uni, y’know, normal stuff ;) But now I finally have a moment to sit (after the battle to get some internet connection) and chat to you guys!

Firstly, Port Elizabeth is a gorgeous place and you should all aspire to come see it one day. No lies.

Like, theses photos don't nearly do it justice!
My new digs! :)

So maybe the people will assume that every black person speaks isiXhosa and seem annoyed when you reply to them in English, but they’re great! PE (or Nelson Mandela Bay) somehow manages to be both a small, chill coastal town and a cosmopolitan party destination. But I’ll be telling you all about that in the coming months :)

NOW. Back to business. Like I said in this post here, the one PE modeling agency that I’d consider signing with wrote back to me to say that work here in the Eastern Cape is limited but to get in touch when I arrived anyway. We shall see what happens with that..! There’s also the photographer off who said that if enough models contacted him, he’d come down here from the States and organise a couple shoots. A bit less hope for that one, honestly =P

On the upside though, my school’s got a sort of modeling society called the Glam Squad which is awesome! So I get to check that out next week and will keep you posted on whether it’s a plan or not.

Once again, thank you so much for the comments and tweets about my Coco Rocha/ The Model Board dilemma, I’ll be picking my photos tonight and sending them off for review tomorrow. Eeeep fingers crossed!

Whew! Right, that’s all for now, I dunno if you can tell how much my head is still spinning at my new situation but I’m excited for the change and hope that 2012 has brought you some excitement too!

Back soon!