Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Hey hey chickens!

It's been 10 days, hasn't it?? Oh my, but here I am! 8 days away from flying away from home, high school, childhood and matatus. Freaking out? Me?.....(!!)
So that's mainly why I've been so quiet. Medical checks, visa application, uni accommodation applications (in South Africa, priority is given to South African students for on-campus accommodation). Please let me know if this makes sense in any of your brains because I am LOST.

Aaaaanyway, today I'm going to talk about regrets. Yes, regrets. Because I have a few, as much as you're supposed to learn from your mistakes, live with no regrets, blah blah blah.

What I regret at the moment is not getting off my ass immediately I decided I wanted to model professionally and organising a photoshoot with a pro photographer for experience and for portfolio shots. Yes, you have to pay for those and often organize your own make-up, wardrobe, etc. but they're invaluable as your portfolio is your resume as a model. It's the first and most important thing you have to show for yourself.
I do have quite a few good shots in my own portfolio, but everything I have is from work I did for a specific reason/person and it's not as versatile as it could be. Now I'm moving to SA, I've of course started looking up photographers, agencies, managers and all, and sadly (but expectedly) a simple session with a photographer there costs a lot more than it would here. So perhaps I will look into working with the Italian photog I mentioned here when I'm back in June. (June!! Omg I'm gunna get so homesick)

As far as what experience I do have, the oh-so-fabulous Coco Rocha posted on her Google+ that she'd be giving advice and criticism to models who e-mail her their shots so you better believe I am on that!
Go see her post here: my model friends, and tell all the models you know!!

P.S. I now have a grand total of 3 fans on (oh yes, high rolling) so check me out here and create a profile if you already haven't, fashionistas! (Girls and guys)

P.P.S I've been working on the new look of my blog starting with a better title banner so here's a sneak peek of my ideas! I'll keep you posted ;)

Last thing: I've been admiring this upcoming hotel on Chiromo Rd,'s gunna be AMAZINGGG!! I was an intern at the architecture firm that designed it, so I'm more excited than a normal person would be :P

That'll be all, honeys :D