Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Model Board

Hey hey!

Today’s post ladies and gentlemen will be broadcast to you straight from my brand new laptop from daddy!! ^_^ Yup, I fly down to South Africa in about 36 hours so this week’s been full of uni shopping and emotional rollercoasters.

But enough about that, I’ve got some decisions to make! Like I mentioned in my last post, model and social media buff extraordinaire Coco Rocha has reached out to aspiring models around the world to send her their best shots for a chance to get reviewed by some of the industry’s best. I am ABSOLUTELY sending in some and I need your help to decide which ones!
Here are some of my fave shots from my shoot for Closet49 last month that I promised…







And here are some of my older shots….




Of course I’m really quite inexperienced as far as photo shoots and my portfolio but my new beginning (uni) is all about learning and experiences of which I’m sure I’ll have lots! I’ve been speaking to a great photographer who’s planning a trip to the Eastern Cape next month to do a few unpaid shoots so that should be great IF it happens. The connection was made on which you might know has not really worked out for me in the past LOL :P

Anywhoooo, this might be my last post as a Nairobi resident, so comment and help me choose some pics to be reviewed by Coco and Co. aaaaand see yaz on the other side!

Peace and love,