Tuesday, 3 January 2012

As The Sun Set On 2011...

Sunset in Samburu, Kenya 31/12/2011

Happy New Year honey bums!!!

How was everybody's Christmas/New Year's? Mine definitely DID NOT go according to plan (Christmas in the city and then TWO failed Diani NYE plans); so I ended up having a typical family holiday (which is in the wilderness for our family) which ended up being really amazing! Our last one before I go off to uni :') We spent a long weekend in Samburu and then on the Soysambu Conservancy by Lake Elmentaita.

Being an absolute wildlife, colonial history and antique fanatic, spending a night at the Serena Lake Elmentaita Camp was a total dream. A bit of a shrine to the Delamere's, but I'm a little obsessed with all that white settlers, British East Africa jazz so I thought it was wicked =D There were old photos of the ranch, typewriters, telephones, people's old hairbrushes and monocles....*sigh* paradise for me =P
Funny enough I've just finished reading James Fox's White Mischief about the murder of Josslyn Hay (Lord Erroll) and still haven't recovered from that mystery =P And so look what they had on the cloakroom doors at Serena! B&W portraits of Erroll on the gents' doors and a super-glamorous woman in pearls on the ladies' doors.

Does anybody know who this is? Erroll's first
wife Idina maybe?
Or Diana Delamere/Broughton/Caldwell..?
Josslyn Hay

More photos:

Did some badass lion/leopard tracking in Samburu

And then found this chick chilling all O.G. and had a staring competition with her.

Racing to some hill to have sundowners before the sun actually went down :) we lost...

Deb and my room at Soysambu
"Camp" my ass, Serena, this is my dream room for when I'm rich!

Mystery deck that you need an armed ranger to stand on with.

Like a Bedouin dream =)

I seem to have forgotten to photograph all the antique-y furniture and knick-knacks in all my awe-struck-ness soooo just go there yourself! It's brilliant.
This reminds me, on the 17th of this month I *hopefully* will have a sort of 50's/60's fashion themed photo-shoot for a (print ;) aha!) magazine here in Nairobi which I won't say until it actually happens....weeee (possibly) my first magazine! Cross your fingers and toes for me!

It's gonna be a f**king boss year. Can you feel it? I can feel it! =D


P.S. I'll be changing up the design of my blog like I did my twitter, so watch this space! <3