Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Little Vanity...

Salut everyone!

I hope you all had a beautious Christmas, I know mine was super random but very merry indeed and I got to wear my sexy gold backless dress to X-Mas dinner so yay! =) (It's the little things.)
I'm a wee bit heart-broken at the moment though because my plans to spend New Year's on the beach in Diani have fallen through not once, but TWICE so that kinda blows quite a bit.. What if the world actually ends before this time next year, then I'll have never had a New Year's Eve on the beach! Damn.
Buuuut out of the self-pity pit I climb, because now I have more time and money to focus on me, me, me and making myself beautiful for uni by the ocean! Yaaaay! Oh, and you too :)
In my post here I gave a few pointers on beauty routines that have worked for me and may also help you uncover your inner Greek goddess/god a little more :D Here is a bit of a continuation....:

  • Sweat is your friend. I talked about a steam facial last time and how amazing it is at clearing skin. This is the same for running/working out and anything else that makes you sweat. I went in the steam room at the gym the other day which was amazing because the steam-tap-thingy which releases eucalyptus-infused steam kept it hot in there and I started sweating instantly. Yum. I didn't get to enjoy the ful experience though because after about 7 minutes I concluded that maybe I shouldn't have my brand new day-old phone in there with me. Next time though, it's on! But close your eyes, that shit kinda hurt.
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  • Your face's place is in the kitchen. You can find a solution for almost any skin need right in your home. If it's a hydrating mask, mash up some avocado. If it's an overnight fix for a pimple (squeezing is never the answer but don't worry, even I get impatient sometimes) try crushing up an aspirin pill and making a paste with water. Dab it on the spot and the salicylic acid should dry it out. As for scarring, blemishes and dark patches, dabbing on a little lemon juice every day works wonders, if you're patient. Another thing you can try though, is tomato juice on the affected areas twice a day.
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  • Get your snake on. All-over exfoliation is so important to keep your skin healthy, supple and glowing. There are hundreds of body and face scrubs on the market to help you shed dead skin cells which you should be doing once a week. If you're an organic-freak like me though, you'll prefer home-made scrubs which are great because they're mild enough for use on your face and still effective for the rest of your body. The one I like most is a mixture of sugar (preferably brown), a little water and honey. You can add lots of other things in too, like olive oil, potato skins (great for illuminating skin) or aroma oils to add that spa effect. Just make sure you check that what you're mixing won't cause a nuclear explosion...
(Image from Washington Live Post)

  • If you happen to be reading from the UK I discovered a cosmetics store called Lush which would totally blow your eco-conscious mind. F**king cool staff, too.
You wouldn't believe how delicious it smells in there..... *_*
(My camera is on the fritz right now so all images except the last one are from other web pages. I'm also feeling lazy as fuck today.)
Try these out and tell me how it works out for you! Feel free to leave comments about what you do as well =)