Thursday, 15 December 2011

Life's A Beach

Evening J
How are you all? I hope you’ve all had a week half as good as mine because it’s been pretty amaze-balls!! Apart from a few annoyances that is, namely public transportation, the lack of mature gentlemen in Nairobi, no longer owning a phone and the fact that I just wasted a f**king sweet outfit on some dud event like 30 mins ago. Whew! Ok that’s out of my system :D

Now on to the good stuff! And there’s a lot of it!

Firstly………..I GOT IN TO NMMU TO DO ARCHITECTURE!! Wahooooooo!! It’s a stunning campus (on a nature reserve) in the ‘friendly city’ of Port Elizabeth, apparently the biggest uni campus on the continent,  and what’s more, it means moving to the beach for the next 3 years!! First on the agenda when I get there in Feb of next year (after the studying, of course….!) will definitely be to check out the modeling prospects, see if an agency is the way to go or not.. If any of you know the scene in PE, sharing is caring, honeys!

Right. Next ‘good stuff’ item. I had a super-cool, super-random impromptu photoshoot yesterday with the lovely ladies over at Closet49/ The 254 D-Word and I have to say, miss their sale this weekend, cry yourself to sleep this X-mas because I’ll be posting up photos!! =D (Daing, sorry if you’re not in Nairobi..) ;)
Here are some of my better shots: (I might post some more as I get them….I might also be a selfish, secretive Scorpio with them because I can. Sorry)
CHECK the shoes out! Wah! Aldo originials :)

Do you think they can see me....

My first headdress experience. What do you guys think, yay or nay..?

I regret to inform you that I did not in fact take any behind-the-scenes photos because I’m just a spaz sometimes, but there will be plenty more for that, I hope! Still though, tell me if you even WANT to see any so I don’t waste my time :P

Oooh btw…! Do you remember how I told you the wonderful Sitawa ‘Mama Africa’ Wafula, founder of Runway254 would be doing a profile on me for their website?? Well, up it went this afternoon! My sister and I agreed it was trippy to look at, but this is huge for me- my first interview! And all thanks to the platform that got me into serious modeling in the first place. To the Runway254 fam- I’ve come of age with you and I am truly grateful for all the opportunities! (Silent tear. Tell anyone and I’ll strangle you). Have a look here.

All in all a pretty ridonk week, and I’m so looking forward to this weekend and Christmas and New Year’s afterwards! I reckon it’ll be a little quiet getaway on the outskirts of the city for me and the fam this year. How about you guys?

Raise your glasses of mulled wine, darlings-
Cheers to the frickin weekend!