Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reality Killed the Magazine Star

Hello all! I hope you’ve had a wonderbar week, I know mine’s been pretty alright, despite a couple disappointments; namely no call from that English photographer OR the Italian one, and no news yet from the end of year Runway 254 show (BOOOO!), PLUS I thought I’d be spending next week in Watamu saving sea turtles but that’s history…..#sigh. Quite the opposite of wonderbar, really!
But I AM kicking project beach body into full gear in this last month before New Year’s because I’m definitely hitting Diani babyyyyy! #Wonderbar. Joining a kick-ass gym and everything. (This is foreign to me, as I’ve always had my running and other sports teams as my work out plan but high school’s over now and as for the running, well, Nairobi men prove themselves time and time again to be pigs incapable of maturing over the mental age of 5). So I’m moving it indoors. With a little swimming too.

NOW. For the last month or two my attention has been drawn to the numerous online fashion magazines coming up in the country (don’t know if there are as many springing up anywhere else…?) which is good I guess, expanding the industry etc. However, is this becoming a cheap, easy short-cut to starting a business? Kind of like making a Facebook fan page or a blog instead of paying for a proper website for your company? (No offence to anyone who doesn’t have the means yet to get their own web domain, I don’t mean you =)).

It definitely seems easier to contact the editors of these magazines and get in there if you’re a model or a photographer-a couple have told me that they get models and photogs to send their own images and then pick which ones to publish- so does that bring the value down of being in one of these mags? 
Of course I still submit photos because exposure is NEVER a bad thing, but did reality in fact kill the magazine star? Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire didn’t have open calls for models in the old supermodel days, did they, so when you were in one of those magazines, it was safe to say you had made it. To be painfully honest I’m not sure that’s the case with an online magazine, no matter how glossy and well done it is… It’s like it simply won’t be enough from now on to have been a model featured in magazines.

I may well be shooting myself in the foot by publishing this post, but I really have nobody else to talk to about this stuff LOL =P And now I have Madonna’s “Vogue” in my head because of writing about magazines.
Just forget this post and let your body move to the music (moooove to the music!) ;)