Friday, 11 November 2011

A Life in Suspense

Hello, chickens!!

Whew, quite a bit's happened since my last post, where to start...?

Errm well happy remembrance day first of all!
If you know me at all (which you probably don't, silly me), you know I'm obsessed with wartime stories and antiques. Thus I definitely put my cereal down and had a moment of silence at 11 am in my PJs :)
Lest we forget, innit?

Right, so I went to an audition yesterday which is the first I've been to since the African Fashion Fair fail about 2 months ago. This is exciting because there's going to be loads of end-of-year and Christmas fashion events so hopefully I'll be spoiled for choice and (finally) get a paying gig...(!)

Still no word from the photographer from England, but I'm not that stressed about it anymore...not sure why! I think it's just been looking like I've got work opportunities popping up everywhere and quite frankly, it's never that serious, is it?? #Lesson :)

I went to visit a different photographer from Italy the other day who's based in Kenya and has started an agency under a bigger Italian one (it's pretty big, I looked it up!) and did some test shots....He seemed impressed with my posing so that's great!! :D yay me! So he said he'd keep in touch about whether he wants to sign with me and if not I think I'll organise a portfolio shoot with him anyway, he's got his sh*t together :)

As far as the shoot and web page I talked about in my last post, yeah, put an 'X' on that mate, I decided against it.
I'm just living in suspense right now because I'm not sure where I'll be living in January because certain bastards at some South African uni admissions won't tell me if I have a bloody place or not in their schools...c'est la vie though :)