Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just Some Casual Defiance...

Evening darlings J

Today I went to one of the more established fashion houses of Kenya just to try my luck with a new tv/runway show they have on….and the designer herself told me they’re not taking new models until January and that I need to get training if I want to audition….which I don’t whole-heartedly believe honestly….I mean is it worth paying a runway coach?? I could just hire a free one named Youtube, hello?? ;)
In all seriousness though, not all the greats had coaches, did they, they had a natural attitude and their own walk which is why they shone, right? And with some experience and a few pointers here and there (which I’ve been getting with every new show I do), they fine-tuned that and raked in the success, right?? So I’m really not convinced about the training. I think I’ll just lie and say I’m trained next time ;)

Something I do whole-heartedly believe though is that you’ve gotta pay to set up a worthy portfolio and web-page which is in the pipeline with some partners…pricey, but I’ve got some negotiations to go through tomorrow, and I’ll tell all as always :D

Oooh P.S. the photographer from England assured me that she hadn’t forgotten me and to give her a week as she communicates with the other people involved (wardrobe, magazine editors, etc) which has definitely given me some hope for life in-between school and uni… :D

Lots of things up in the air at the moment, but I’m confident that this time next week I’ll have some actual jobs to tell you about…!