Sunday, 20 November 2011

Good, Honest Snobbery

Hey hey!

I really hate to start all my posts with ‘been a while, hey?’ but I guess it kinda has, huh> :P
Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed you weekend(s), I know mine was one to remember! *cryptic wink* But back to business, I got through the first stage of auditions (the one I went to last Thursday) and so I find out if I’ll be walking in the end of year show this Thursday (gulp!).

I’m hoping I did get it, because despite all my good vibes and enthusiasm last week, modeling jobs in Nairobi are as hard to come by as ever. Ones I’d be interested in doing, anyway i.e. high fashion, preferably paid….
I HAVE however come down from my rather high horse lately because of a certain conversation I had the other day with a fellow model…We were talking about the different jobs models here do (ads, pageants, ushering, acting gigs, etc.) and she probably got a sense of how much all these repulse me! But come to think of it, doing commercials, depending on what for (no bread or AA batteries for me, thanks), and as long as there’s no cringe-worthy awful acting involved, could be a pretty alright career move! So that was the end of the snobbery for me…mostly! (Hey, at least I admit it :P) You’ll still never catch me dead at a beauty pageant. PERISH THE THOUGHT!

(No offence to Miss anything :P)

Never mind that though, I’ve had another good-vibes shot- my good friend Sitawa told me she’d like to profile me on the Runway254 website (waheeeey!) so I’ll be sharing a link to that when it goes up, of course!

Bisoux for the week ahead!

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