Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Happy first day of the month darlings!

First things first, I turned 18 on Sunday!! Wahooooo! So after coming home at 4am after a BBQ, vowing (and failing) to watch the sunrise and gloating about all my facebook posts, I had my first (to my parents' knowledge, mwahaha!) glass of champagne at lunch with the fam :) Which was lovely. Now if anyone can tell me where the hell to get an ID in Nairobi, that would be swell ;)
and recommend a good driving school too, yeah? :)

So I've been speaking to a photographer based in London who put an ad up in ModelMayhem.com looking for a model to shoot here and it all sounded great; a shoot planned for this week, actual wardrobe and make-up people, pictures hopefully published in a magazine....and then silence.
Grrrrr. It's possible they chose another model or things just fell through OR this person is not infact who she claims to be buuuut.....I'll keep you posted on what goes down. Sigh. #FingersCrossed, hey?

But anyhu, I thought I'd show you what I wore today! Check me out, all blog-savvy and shit ;)

Quick, hand-on-hip....aaah shit, the 
photo's already taken :P #FAIL

It seems my sexy lesso halter-neck has quite the effect on gentlemen! I get a lot of looks when I have it on (not always welcome, like today)- when some guy saw me at the top of a hill, waited in his car for me to get to the bottom then proceeded to tell me his life story. No sir, I will not get in the car because you really need someone to talk to! #scary. He followed me into the mall too :O

Stay Golden!