Sunday, 2 October 2011

Doubts, Discoveries, Dreams...

Well, hello! =)

I totally forgot about this blog until like a day ago :o not a great start, I don't think....
BUT I have (a few) great excuses. First, I've been terribly busy with uni applications. And oh yeah, I'M IN ENGLAND BABY!!! =D

I have temporarily changed my residence to a quaint little town called Teignmouth in Devon for the next month. I gotta say, never seen this many elderly people in one place! :P They're adorable though =) #bless
The fashion industry in England is of course much bigger than in Kenya and it's looking like you don't get anywhere without a I'm giving the modelling a rest for now and focusing on my art and photography (which of course I'll be sharing on here =) ). Definitely the right move after (yet some more) rejection at the African Fashion Fair auditions 2 weeks ago.

Here's the first from my afternoon in Bristol today....

The overall mood of the day. #sigh (October in England- can you believe it!??)

 I have a serious thing about churches, especially old Catholic English ones =) Stunning.

I just LOVE the retro/modern contradiction I saw from a bus stop; Boots 1920.
I'm a sucker for old stuff. And for cosmetics =P

P.S. I've just discovered, so so exciting and useful!! #networking swag on ;)

Stay Golden!