Friday, 28 October 2011

Aaaand I'm Back

My month in England somehow came and went so so quick and now I'm back :D
It's bittersweet, really... I'll miss the shopping and freedom to move around towns easily PLUS being able to go out in shorts if I feel like it...buuuut I'm back to some real sunshine finally!

I have learned a lot though. It's been like a condensed gap year and I think the experience will help me out a lot in general and with modelling as well. 
I know now how important it is to stay humble and polite no matter how irritating the people around you may be...apparently I came across as rude to some people who I found patronising toward me.. Always be the bigger person. Count to 10. Woo-saaah ;) lol

I also learned how frickin happy I am to be born Kenyan! Oh my gosh! For reasons too many and widespread to list here :) Plus how happy I am to have the mum I have :) <3

I've found that my money-managing skills are pretty wanting too! I'll let u in on a secret, my parents gave me 300 quid IN CASH which I carried on first on the list next week is I'm getting me a bank account stat!

Oh why next week you ask?? Because I'm 18 on Sunday baby!! I think I'll go out on the lash that night because I'm such a rebel :D

Below you will find a few highlights of my trip in photos :)


I met Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes!!! OMG! 

AND she invited me to a gig they were playing at Exeter Uni :)

Cute :P In Totnes, gypsy central :D
Salisbury Cathedral. STUNNING.
Finally, I own a pair of Elton/Lennon glasses! haha :P
LOL I shit you not, I saw this at a supermarket in Bristol!
Coming back, sunrise over Nairobi :D <3 Shingai was on my flight back too!!