Saturday, 10 September 2011


My first post, woop woop!!
Right, introductions....

OK...My name's J and I'm 17 years upoming model based in Nairobi, Kenya with everything against her eg. height (5ft"7 I believe...), pretty unco-operative skin...

But I won't let it deter me in my quest for paying high-fashion modelling jobs rather than seedy charity fashion shows where I get paid in exposure....which is always nice, but won't buy me Louboutin's  and a penthouse any time soon, will it now?! =)

Right, so I've got my first big-deal meeting tomorrow- Elite Model Look is here in Kenya for the first time EVER!! Oh my :O :P

Hopefully they don't have a burly bouncer throwing girls back out who are shorter than 5ft8" LOL

With my lucky heels and naïve enthusiasm in tow, I'll be at the final Nairobi casting tomorrow morning...(10am sharp on a Sunday morning is worth it for this!!) I'll let u know how it went...!!