Sunday, 19 October 2014

'Julie O for LHO'

Happy Sunday, friends!

I thought I'd say a quick hello and let you all know about (one of) my new ventures that's finally taking off: I'm the new Southern Africa-based correspondent for Love's Hangover Creations, a Kenyan-owned fashion store in Indianapolis, USA. Wut wuuut!

Yup, my first intro post went live this week (click image to go read it) on their blog and I'll be chatting about style and new products here and there, maybe a little PE and Nairobi street style too as well as doing shoots like this one for them in the coming months.

Very exciting stuff and I look forward to sharing everything as  go along with my new partners, but for now things will be a little more quiet in my busy uni exam period. Just weeks to go until absolute FREEDOM :D

Have a drink for me, lovers.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Make-Up Demo with Smudge Make Up Academy

Hey hey, lovers!

Goodness, last ours of the weekend already but that means we’re an inch closer to the holidays too! (and my birthday, whut whuuut)

Well, the last week has also flown by! It’s hard to believe a whole week ago I was in a make-up chair being watched intently by a class keen to learn the basics of doing make-up on black skin. Yup, I was a demo model for a day when Cape Town-based Smudge Make-Up Academy came to Port Elizabeth to offer a 3-day course on everything from lips to lashes to contouring.

As you all probably know I’m a freelance model in a small city with a very quiet fashion industry. That means my life needs to be a hustle for as long as I’m here. Work is not at all easy to come by, if there is any. Which is why I have to create my own work sometimes.

So I e-mailed Kristy, the owner of the school who would be coming down and told her straight up; ‘Hey, I model, I have some scars that could be useful to teach coverage, hit me up when you get here.’ Which she did! And so there I sat while she worked her magic and explained the differences between working on darker and Caucasian skin.

Left: Me after getting done up by Kristy! Right: Erin, one of the students.
(Photos from Smudge Make-Up Academy Facebook Page)

Listen up, MUA’s, this is important knowledge if you plan on working in a diverse industry like South Africa and if you plan on doing any worldwide fashion weeks/campaigns/whatever. More than a couple of times I’ve been made to look like Casper the ghost on a set or just not done up at all,  probably because the make-up artist didn’t quite know what she was doing. So best believe I always have my own foundation and hair products with me when I work! Sad but true.

But this day was about avoiding all that, and I’m glad to say I now have a whole bunch of new contacts in the make-up industries of Cape Town and PE. It’s all about making connections and networking, y’all! I loved meeting these make-up artists, such fun ladies!

Kristy showing contouring for Melanie's face shape.
Be sure to check out Smudge Make Up Academy (Cape Town):

Have a beautiful week people, check in with you later!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mood Board: WOMAN.

Hey hey!

Happy October people. And happy birthday month to me :D (and to all other October babies!)

As much as I'm 6 weeks away from my portfolio exam for final year at architecture school (It's about to go DOWN), there are a few exciting things in store for myself professionally and potentially this blog for the coming months.

Until everything is settled and the ball is rolling though, I won't give away too much.
Suspense is YUMMY! ;P

What I can share with you though is some inspiration for a shoot I'm in the early stages of planning in conjunction with Love's Hangover, a Kenyan-owned store in Indiana, USA. The challenge is to create images of women's strength and relating it to water.
Painting of Yemaya, Yoruba goddess of the ocean

And when the Pinterest fairies take hold of my racing mind, well... enjoy the ride ;)

Miss Cara for John Hardy (fall 2014)

VOGUE India (2012)

Photo: Will Davidson for VOGUE Australia (Julie 2014)

Because I've talked and talked and talked about doing a yoga shoot..hmm ;)

And my mermaid obsession got ignited, obvs
VOGUE Spain (June 2012)

It's going to be awesome.

;) Bisoux,

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Happy Sunday, lovers!

Just a quickie to let you know about some navigational changes on the blog to make it a lot better for all of us ;)

1. I've added a contact page for absolutely any questions, suggestions, event invitations and collab ideas anyone may have and is too shy (or professional) to leave a comment out in public     ;)

And if you know me you know I dream in social media so hit me up on all my pages too.

2. Which brings me to social media links. Links to my personal twitter, instagram and pinterest for you and the blog's Facebook page. Don't be scurrred, stalkers (OF THE BLOG) welcome! :P

3. Some changes in the tabs bar above the posts too, leading you to my Fresh Faces competition (vote for me here: a link to my online portfolio and more!

Happy browsing!


Monday, 1 September 2014


Hey hey!

HAPPY SPRING DAY, lovers! Well, if you're in the Southern hemisphere lol. I didn't really think that title through....

But it's back to work today and I don't know about you but I've been getting into a bit of a slump lately..could be the South African winter or the wierd time of year in between having steam left from the start and being excited for the end-year holidays. People kinda just feel...limp, you know?

Well, I had one of those weeks and surprise surprise, all around me was a ridiculous cold front from goodness knows where.
(stolen from a friend's Facebook page LOL!)

But I found a solution! Some visual inspiration from tumblr, pinterest and my favourite blogs. You could call it a little window-shopping. 
Because it's online. 
From the windows on my computer screen.

HA! :D

First up, World of Glamour SA

An online clothing and shoe store, website with fun interviews and beauty advice and a few Port Elizabeth-based events on the way. World of Glamour is back from hiatus and ready for action! Check out some of my fave pieces:

Point of Impact dress- got my eye on this one!!

'Forgive You Never' bikini in Green and Orange

Got me ready for summer!! Check them out here:

Next, They All Hate Us

All I can say about this site is; greatest mood-board there has ever been!! From street-style to fashion editorials and a little sparky humour, They All Hate Us makes me smile every day. I can barely keep up with the posts, I might just take a night soon to take it in with some vino in hand!

Literally so much yum I could hardly choose ones to show you! PLUS they've got a fashion and beauty shop on the website.

Also, as part of my other life..research for a Sophiatown-themed ball I'm helping plan for a uni society.

The swing capital of 1940's South Africa, this Johannesburg suburb was host to Mzansi's own Harlem Renaissance- music, dance, parties, tweed, hats, just general fabulous. If you can't find me at any point during this month look in vintage stores around Port Elizabeth, I'll be looking for my Miriam Makeba swag!

Miriam Makeba. Baaaabe!

Last but not least, I've decided to jump on the Gratitude Challenge bandwagon.

Perhaps a little late, but anyway. Every day as soon as I wake up, I plan on writing down one thing I'm generally grateful for and/or one thing I love about living in South Africa for the coming month. I feel good vibrations following me already ;)

One thing I'm most certainly grateful for is the long list of you all who have supported me and voted in the Fresh Faces modelling contest. THANK YOU so much!
There's still about a month to go so please vote every day and share the link as much as you can.

Seriously thank you a hundred times over. One love and if I can do anything to help make one of your dreams come true like you're helping me, tell me.