Monday, 1 September 2014


Hey hey!

HAPPY SPRING DAY, lovers! Well, if you're in the Southern hemisphere lol. I didn't really think that title through....

But it's back to work today and I don't know about you but I've been getting into a bit of a slump lately..could be the South African winter or the wierd time of year in between having steam left from the start and being excited for the end-year holidays. People kinda just feel...limp, you know?

Well, I had one of those weeks and surprise surprise, all around me was a ridiculous cold front from goodness knows where.
(stolen from a friend's Facebook page LOL!)

But I found a solution! Some visual inspiration from tumblr, pinterest and my favourite blogs. You could call it a little window-shopping. 
Because it's online. 
From the windows on my computer screen.

HA! :D

First up, World of Glamour SA

An online clothing and shoe store, website with fun interviews and beauty advice and a few Port Elizabeth-based events on the way. World of Glamour is back from hiatus and ready for action! Check out some of my fave pieces:

Point of Impact dress- got my eye on this one!!

'Forgive You Never' bikini in Green and Orange

Got me ready for summer!! Check them out here:

Next, They All Hate Us

All I can say about this site is; greatest mood-board there has ever been!! From street-style to fashion editorials and a little sparky humour, They All Hate Us makes me smile every day. I can barely keep up with the posts, I might just take a night soon to take it in with some vino in hand!

Literally so much yum I could hardly choose ones to show you! PLUS they've got a fashion and beauty shop on the website.

Also, as part of my other life..research for a Sophiatown-themed ball I'm helping plan for a uni society.

The swing capital of 1940's South Africa, this Johannesburg suburb was host to Mzansi's own Harlem Renaissance- music, dance, parties, tweed, hats, just general fabulous. If you can't find me at any point during this month look in vintage stores around Port Elizabeth, I'll be looking for my Miriam Makeba swag!

Miriam Makeba. Baaaabe!

Last but not least, I've decided to jump on the Gratitude Challenge bandwagon.

Perhaps a little late, but anyway. Every day as soon as I wake up, I plan on writing down one thing I'm generally grateful for and/or one thing I love about living in South Africa for the coming month. I feel good vibrations following me already ;)

One thing I'm most certainly grateful for is the long list of you all who have supported me and voted in the Fresh Faces modelling contest. THANK YOU so much!
There's still about a month to go so please vote every day and share the link as much as you can.

Seriously thank you a hundred times over. One love and if I can do anything to help make one of your dreams come true like you're helping me, tell me.



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Mirror Series - Ep.4: TOWER @ the Radisson Blu

Oh hi!

Happy mid-week, lovers!

After an inspirational first trip to Durban, a short illness and a car dealership design, I have stalled and gotten distracted for too long. I must release this now ;) It's the second installment from my shoot with Tegan Smith Photography!!


This was actually such a great day, after getting suuuper excited and texting Tegan 'are we still on for this afternoon' the day before we had agreed to shoot (LOL) I got it together and we met at The Radisson Blu hotel here in PE the next afternoon as planned.

I honestly thought it would rain but we got up to the rooftop pool area and the light just wowed. Mother Nature was the star that day!

Having always intrigued by the glass balconied rooftop swimming pool/ Tabu bar at the Radisson, when I saw this editorial in a magazine (any guesses which one?) I knew it was meant to be! I had a new skirt from Becca at Young, Wild and Free to debut and a fantastic view of the PE beachfront so off we went.

Spread from 'The Tower' in Issue 08 of Gashette Magazine

One of my favourite shoots to date!

Check Tegan out here:
Twitter- @TegzPhotography

And the Radisson Blu on twitter: @RadissonBluPE

And last but not least you know the drill! Drop me a vote for the #FreshFaces competition ;)



Thursday, 14 August 2014

So This Happened..

Myself and bloggers Jerri Mokgofe (According to Jerri) and Carla (Style Diary) answered a few questions for a feature on South African (based) bloggers, click on the image to read about us!

Remember to keep voting for me to get to the Fresh Faces model competition in Barcelona this October :) Every little vote counts so thanks so much to those of you who have, please keep sharing and voting on as many days as you can!



Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Mirror Series- Ep. 3: Athens (h0mage Magazine) with Tegan Smith

Hey hey!

Time for another Mirror Series post? I think so :D

This week's episode is brought to us by a digital magazine that I downloaded onto my iPad (once again, don't know how I ended up on it but thank my lucky stars I did) and fell in love....and then had my heart torn in two because THEY DON'T SEEM TO HAVE GONE PAST ISSUE 1.

Be that as it may, the first issue still rox my sox over and over. It seems like it was made exclusively for tablet devices, but check this link anyway to see what I'm talkin bout! (
Interactive graphics, video-pages, links to behind-the-scene clips and interviews and sick editorials galore.

AND when I heard word that Tegan Smith, Cape Town-based photog extraordinaire was coming to Port Elizabeth, I knew it was meant to be. I've been a fan of hers for months now after first seeing her work on Aisha Baker's blog (Baked the Blog) who she's the official photographer for.
So I got in touch and told her about The Mirror Series and we made a plan to shoot one sunny (cold) afternoon! We shot 2 different looks, the first of which is inspired by this image from the editorial Athens in h0mage issue 1.


I immediately thought of putting a tomboy twist on it with a pair of leopard sneakers I pretty much live in and making the setting something a little more modern and edgy.

But the fun didn't stop there :P
Such an amazing shoot and Tegan is an absolute inspiration to work with! Check her out here-

Twitter: @TegzPhotography

and you might already know what I'm going to say next...keep voting for me to go to the Fresh Faces final in Barcelona this October! You can cast one vote each and every day so bookmark it! Pretty please? :)

More from my shoot with Tegan next week!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fresh Faces 2014: the freshest

Hello hello, lovers!

You may have seen this post on the Facebook page about being featured on the ModelManagement page a couple of weeks ago, not too shabby, eh? :P

Well the competition roars on and I still do need your votes! (VOTE HERE)

But wait! WHO, you ask? is the fastest-growing network in the world for models, photographers, model agencies and industry professionals. All you need to do to connect with the right people worldwide is set up a profile (it’s free! But there are other tiers with certain benefits for a fee), and you’re on your way!

OK wonderful, but WHAT is Fresh Faces?
Easily the industry’s most exciting international modeling contest, Fresh Faces is now in its 5th year and will give hopefuls a chance to win an exclusive contract with a top agency in whatever country they enter from (30 participating countries).

 All you need to apply is a profile, some cool striking photos and lots of votes to get the judges attention! Social media warriors, stand up ;) The expert judging panel of industry decision-makers and the collaborating agencies of each country will analyze the applicants carefully, keeping in mind the number of votes, and decide who has what it takes to make it to the Grand Final.

Grand Final? I’m listening…WHEN and WHERE?
Oh, just in Barcelona, Spain this October….(!) where a panel of judges will decide on 2 worldwide winners ie. one male, one female.

Not that I need any more convincing, but WHY enter Fresh Faces 2014?
It’s all about the exposure, people. Whether or not you win at the Grand Final, you will have travelled and met big names in the industry or simply been seen by somebody who likes your look and attitude. Previous winner Daniel Perez has gone on to walk for Prada and Armani and Jessica, top of Fresh Faces Paris last year was hand-picked by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld to be on the cover of Elle France!

Need I yap at you any longer? Create a profile and enter the contest here.
While you’re there, drop me a vote? Pretty please? Tell all your friends anybody can vote one time every single day ;)

Any questions? Head to the ModelManagement site or comment below ;)